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NOTE #1: Feel free to suggest parts to add. This is a project just for fun so if anyone wants to contribute their ideas/models/drawings, or anything else, please feel free to do so. Also any feedback is appreciated.

NOTE #2: Not much content yet, very early. My other main project is paused right now so I am focused on this for now.

NOTE #3: I have an entire Dropbox folder just for screenshots of this game here.

In Build-a-Weapon, you can build any kind of weapon from different parts. This is currently in development and is going to have tons of content added over time. This is the first published version, so there is not much content.

Current Features:

Weapon Categories and the amount of parts they hold.

  • SMG - 2 Parts
  • LMG - 2 Parts
  • Energy - 4 Parts
  • Rifle - 20 Parts
  • Melee - 3 Parts
  • Launcher - 3 Parts

Building capabilities.

  • Rotate any part in any way
  • Scale any part uniformly or on an individual axis
  • Material Editing; change solid colors, metallic values, and add emissive colors (Edited colors save, new full materials do not; working on it)
  • Change Grid Placement Scale
  • Change Rotation Rate

Planned Features:

Weapon Categories planned to be added.

  • Handgun
  • Shotgun
  • Sniper
  • Thrown
  • Special (special items/cosmetics)
  • Experimental (sci fi experimental science things)

Building capabilities.

  • Rotate, scale, and move any part after placing
  • Scale factor editing

Thank you for testing it.

More information

Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, build, create, gun, weapon


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you should add a test option to test the guns

I think that adding melee weapon parts would be good

Yeah I definitely will be adding melee. Development is a little slow right now though because I am focusing on my other game and I have a lot of studying to do.