A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Artist Unblocker is used for people who have run out of ideas, or simply want something new to draw! Whether you are drawing, painting, sculpting, or anything else, this will help you think of something new!

Currently there are 4 options.

1. Generate Character: This button will generate a random phrase of character based traits. You have the option to also generate a prop in the idea!

2. Generate Scene: This button will generate a random phrase of scene or environment based traits.

3. NEW Generate a Mixed-Media Prompt: This button will generate a prompt for you to make an artwork out of mixed media! You can select how many media you want generated.

4. Generate Custom: This is very useful, it allows you to create lists of words or phrases, name each list, and the button will pick one item from each list to generate your idea!

Let me know what you think :)

Install instructions

Just extract the .exe and data folder into some folder, and run it! :)


Artist Unblocker 14 MB

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