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This is a game where you build weapons, from all kinds of different parts. Each has their own set of stats and behaviors. You can make handguns and rifles or sticky bomb launchers and laser guns. It's up to you, with more possibilities being added. Once you have your weapon, you can assign it to one of 3 load-out slots, then take them into battle! You choose maps (currently 2), mission types (currently 3), and from that you can level up and earn "scrap metal" which is used to buy more parts to make your weapons bigger and better.

Also a note, you can find the controls in-game in the Settings menu.

Anyway, please leave feedback! I'd love to hear your ideas or hear of any bugs and so on that you may find.


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you should add a test option to test the guns

Sorry for the extremely late reply, but I have added quite a bit more! You can now test weapons, fight enemies, and level up.

I think that adding melee weapon parts would be good

Deleted post