Update 14

In this update, I focused on refining some aspects of the game in general.

-Added Sonic Blaster barrel.

-Added 2 new resolution settings. 1920x1080 and 2560x1440.

-Rewrote most of the code for dealing with loadouts. Scrapping weapons now returns its actual value in scrap, you can change a weapon's loadout slot and it takes that weapon out of whichever slot it was in previously, and overall the system is much more stable.

-Made the first map a bit easier for beginners so it doesn't feel extremely hard to collect scrap when you are first starting.

-Improved the editor. The camera now rotates around a single point where you can build your gun, so it isn't too snappy/hard to control. Mouse wheel now zooms, and left control + mouse wheel now moves the part you are dragging closer or farther.


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Aug 16, 2017

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