Update 15: Several Fixes

This update should make the game a lot less painful for returning players!

Featuring: The new "RESET GAME" and "RESET WEAPONS" buttons (found in the settings menu).

I added 2 new options to the Options menu. RESET GAME and RESET WEAPONS, with a caution sign and a description of each button. The RESET GAME deletes all save data, while RESET WEAPONS deletes all weapon data, but saves your XP and Scrap amounts.

This is primarily for returning players after an update that may break old saves with outdated information, making them unusable, and making new weapons not work correctly.

Now for the regular stuff:

-Added a new reloading bar, for a nicer reload feel.

-Reload can now be done with R and Left Click.

-Fixed "Enemies to Kill" being set higher than actually spawning amount, making the mission unbeatable.

-Fixed Reloading bug where hitting reload multiple times while at 0 ammo, would start the reload timer multiple times.

-Fixed some GUI issues.

-Other minor changes.


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Aug 16, 2017

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